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Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal is a
handbook of mathematical questions covering the extensive syllabi taken into
consideration by most public competitive examinations held in the country every
year. The book covers a complete range of questions, with thoroughly worked out
solutions in detail.
The book has
been divided into two sections, namely Arithmetic ability and data
interpretation. While the former portion focuses on numbers, cube roots,
decimal fractions, permutations and combinations, H.C.F & L.C.M, surds
& indices and probability among the rest, the latter section provides
detailed information on data tabulation, including pie charts and graphs.
exercises after each chapter is well-designed and has complete and detailed
explanation to aid the students to understand whether the sums have been done
correctly or not and also to make the students understand how to arrive at the
solution, should one be stuck while attempting to solve a particularly
difficult sum.
For the
students appearing in the examinations for the first time, the book also
contains detailed solved question papers of the past year along with the
unsolved ones. This is to make sure the student gets thoroughly acquainted with
the paper-pattern before appearing for the examinations. For questions
requiring illustrations, the book consists of detailed and step-by-step
illustrations of the entire sum(s), wherever needed.
An ideal
book for the students preparing for competitive examinations such as Bank PO,
SBI-PO, SSC Combined preliminary examination, CBI, IBPS, RBI, CPO, Railways,
Campus recruitment test and other state Government examinations along with CAT,
MAT, IGNOU, Hotel Management and IIFT.
Coming from
S. Chand publications, this is the seventh edition of the book and is referred
by many as the “holy grail” to successfully crack the quantitative portion of
the competitive examinations.
the author:
Born in
Delhi in 1946, R.S. Aggarwal completed has studied at Kirori Mal College in
Delhi. He had been a lecturer in Nanak Chand Anglo Sanskrit College in Meerut,
Uttar Pradesh till he managed to secure a fellowship to pursue his doctorate in
Delhi University. Later on, he became a Reader in NAS, Meerut before moving to
MMH, Ghaziabad. He has authored about 75 books on Mathematics for school
students as well as for those appearing for competitive examinations.
1. Numbers
2. H.C.F. & L.C.M. of
3. Decimal Fractions
4. Simplification
5. Square Roots & Cube
6. Average
7. Problems on Numbers
8. Problems on Ages
9. Surds & Indices
10. Percentage
11. Profit & Loss
12. Ratio & Proportion
13. Partnership
14. Chain Rule
15. Time & work
16. Pipes & Cistern
17. Time & Distance
18. Problems on Trains
19. Boats & Streams
20. Alligation or Mixture
21. Simple Interest
22. Compound Interest
23. Logarithms
24. Area
25. Volume & Surface
26. Races & Games of
27. Calendar
28. Clocks
29. Stocks & Shares
30. Permutations &
31. Probability
32. True Discount
33. Banker’s Discount
34. Heights & Distances
35. Odd Man Out &
Section- II Data
36. Tabulation
37. Bar Graphs
38. Pie Charts
39. Line Graphs
* Above mentioned topics are main topics of this book
and there are many sub-topics under those. Please refer the Preview
below for detailed contents *
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