Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Book (PDF) By VNS Murthy – Free Download


Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Book By V.N.S. Murthy – PDF Free Download

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A must have reference for any engineer involved with foundations, piers, and retaining walls, this remarkably comprehensive volume illustrates soil characteristic concepts with examples that detail a wealth of practical considerations, It covers the latest developments in the design of drilled pier foundations and mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall and explores a pioneering approach for predicting the nonlinear behavior of laterally loaded long vertical and batter piles.

As complete and authoritative as any volume on the subject, it discusses soil formation, index properties, and classification; soil permeability, seepage, and the effect of water on stress conditions; stresses due to surface loads; soil compressibility and consolidation; and shear strength characteristics of soils.

While this book is a valuable teaching text for advanced students, it is one that the practicing engineer will continually be taking off the shelf long after school lets out. Just the quick reference it affords to a huge range of tests and the appendices filled with essential data, makes it an essential addition to an civil engineering library.

Geotechnical engineering is one of the major five branches of civil engineering. Geotechnical engineering by V.N.S. Murthy is a very comprehensive book for the undergraduate students and also for the consulting engineers and others. Those who uses geotechnical engineering principles in their daily works of engineering may find it easy to use this book as a reference. Development of geotechnical engineering could not be done on a day.


1 Introduction
2 Formation And Structure Of Soils
3 Soil Phase Relationship
4 Index Properties Of Soils
5 Classification Of Soils
6 Permeability Of Soil
7 Seepage Through Soil
8 Effective And Porewater Pressures
9 Capillary Water Rise In Soil
10 Stress Distribution In Soils
11 Compressibility And Consolidation
12 Shear Strength
13 Soil Improvement
14 Lateral Earth Pressure
15 Sheet Pile Wall
16 Stability Of Slopes
17 Soil Exploration
18 Shallow Foundation
19 Pile Foundation
20 Caisson Foundations
21 Drilled Pier Foundations
22 Braced Cuts And Drainage
23 Dellular Cofferdams
24 Foundations On Collapsible And Expansive Soils
25 Concrete Retaining Walls & 26 Mechanically Stabilised Earth Retaining Walls

Details of Contents

The early history of geotechnical engineering is illustrated in this superb book in the chapter no 1, 2 and 3. The chapters discusses about the formation of soil and rock, their classification, weathering of soil and rock, soil phase relationships etc. Consistency of soils and therefore classification of soils and clays according to the Atterberg limits are taken a major part in those chapters. Pore water pressure and effective stress of soil are discussed in the chapter no 5 of  Geotechnical engineering by V.N.S. Murthy. To describe the overall process of stress distribution, chapter 6 discusses about the stress distribution due to load and methods of calculating stress caused by spread footing, raft or mat foundation and pile foundation etc. Consolidation theories and compressibility are very much important factors for any soil. These characteristics and methods for determining this parameters are discussed in chapter 7. Chapter 8 deals with the drained and undrained shear strength parameters and methods for testing those parameters by unconfined compression ,tri-axial tests,direct shear tests.

Soil exploration system, procedure and exploration related theories are described in chapter 9. Standard penetration test generally known as  SPT and Cone Penetration Test generally known as CPT for different countries are also included. Slope stability methods proposed by Bishop, Morgenstem, Spencer and Fellenius and actve and passive earth pressures action on sheet piles and retaining walls are described in chapter 10 and 11. Laboratory tests like Oedometer tests for compressibility analysis and to determine the bearing capacity of soil and settlement analysis of foundations are included in Chapter 12, 13 and 14 of  Geotechnical engineering by V.N.S. Murthy. Inclination and eccentricity of loading system and its possible effects are examined and illustrated. Pile foundation is very much important for compressible soil layers with low bearing capacity.

The entire process of piling, various types of pile, critical depth of piling and ways to determine the behavior of pile groups in cohesive and cohesion less soil, pile driving formulae are described in chapter 15. Piles may have to load laterally and may be driven in sand or clay. This situation for laterally loaded piles are illustrated in chapter 16 of Geotechnical Engineering by V.N.S. Murthy. Chapter 17 deals with the drilled pier foundations and installation procedure. Foundation in collapsible soils , swelling  criteria, design of retaining walls, factors affecting the earth pressures, application of geo-textiles, reinforced earth, strutted and anchored sheet piles, cantilever sheet piles, stability and moment distribution on soil is discussed on chapter 18,19 and 20. Soil improvement may need to apply which depend upon the soil and site condition. Chapter 21 of Geotechnical engineering by V.N.S. Murthy deals with the soil improvement methods and processes involved.

A lot of worked out examples are carried out in Geotechnical engineering by V.N.S. Murthy.

About Author

V. N. S. Murthy is a consulting engineer and an academic. He is also the author of Advanced Foundation Engineering and Spatial Electric Load Forecasting.

V. N. S. Murthy has extensive academic and corporate experience in the field of geotechnical engineering. He graduated with a degree in engineering from Mysore University and earned an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois. He received his Doctorate in Foundation Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur. He has served as consultant to many organizations like the National Industrial Development Corporation, Maruti Udyog Ltd., and Mathura Oil Refinery. He has held senior posts in the faculty of many academic institutions like the Bhooma Reddy College of Engineering and Technology in Hubli and the Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur. He is now a consulting geotechnical engineer in Bangalore.

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