Theoretical and Numerical Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Book (PDF) by T Schanz – Free Download


       Theoretical and Numerical Unsaturated Soil
Mechanics written by Professor Dr. Ing. Habil. Tom Schanz Bauhaus – University
at Weimar Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Germany is published by Springer
                    The current event is the
second one in the series entitled “Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils.” The primary
objective of the Conference has been to discuss and understand unsaturated soil
behaviour such that engineered activities are made better with times in terms
of judgement and quality. We all realise by now that in addition to the
knowledge on the classical concepts, it becomes an enormous challenging task to
adapt convincing new concepts and present them in such a way that it could be
used in engineering practices.                   
The experimental studies reported herein primarily focussed on the role
of microstructure and fabric for the complex coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour
of cohesive frictional materials. Several papers considered the relevance of
temperature affecting the constitutive behaviour of clays. A careful reader may
recognise that in both the topics there is an ambiguity with regard to the
conclusions derived. Common features of state of the art theoretical and
numerical approaches, including TPM (theory of porous media) and mixture
theory, intend to describe the complex multi-field problems of fully coupled
thermo-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical initial-boundary value problems.
Additional important field of research includes optimization of numerical
schemes to gain better computational performance. Applications include highly
toxic waste disposals, slope stability problems and contaminants transport in
porous media. Some major significant contributions from the invited and keynote
speakers are also included.
1.         Mechanical
Model for Unsaturated MX–80
2.         Hypoplastic
Modeling of the Disintegration of Dry and Saturated Weathered Broken Rock
3.         A
Framework for Analysis of Diffuse Instability in Partially Saturated Granular
4.         Interpretation
of the Behaviour of Compacted Soils Using Cam-Clay Extended to Unsaturated
5.         Independent
Roles of the Stress State Variables on Volume–Mass Constitutive Relations
6.         The
Soil Water Characteristics of Two-Component Sand Mixtures
7.         Physical
Modeling of SWCC for Granular Materials
8.         Implications
of a Generalized Effective Stress on the Constitutive Modelling of Unsaturated
9.         Shear
Strength of Unsaturated Soils: Experiments, DEM Simulations, and
Micromechanical Analysis
10.       Geochemical
Effects on Swelling Pressure of Highly Compacted Bentonite: Experiments and
Model Analysis
11.       Use
of State Surface Approach to Explain the Barcelona Basic Model
12.       Saturated
Elasto-Plastic Porous Media under Consideration of Gaseous and Liquid Phase
13.       A
Stress-Strain Framework for Modelling the Behaviour of Unsaturated Soils under
Non-Isothermal Conditions
14.       Numerical
Simulation of Multiphase Multicomponent Processes Considering Structural
Alterations of Porous Media – a Phenomenological Model
15.       Flow
and Contaminant Transport Model for Unsaturated Soil
16.       Numerical
Modelling of Flow in Variably Saturated Porous Media with Fluctuating Shallow
Water Tables
17.       Residual
Strength of Clays at High Suctions
18.       Parallel
Finite Element Analysis of THM Coupled Processes in Unsaturated Porous Media
19.       Development
of an Object-Oriented Parallel Finite Element Code for Unsaturated Soils
20.       Modeling
Unsaturated Flow and Atmospheric Interactions
21.       Mechanical
Behaviour of a Clay Layer for Landfill Cap Cover Application: Experimental
Investigation and Numerical Modelling
22.       Finite
Element Modelling of Soil-Vegetation Interaction
23.       Contaminant
Transport Modelling Using EFGM
* Above mentioned topics are main topics of this book
and there are many sub-topics under those. Please refer the Preview
below for detailed contents *
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