The Foundation Engineering Handbook Book (PDF) by Manjriker Gunaratne – Taylor and Francis – Free Download


                 The Foundation Engineering
Handbook written by Manjrikar Gunaratne, a professor of civil engineering at
the University of South Florida, is published by Taylor and Francis Group.
                  This handbook contains some
of the most recent developments in theoretical and applied foundation
engineering in addition to classical foundation design methods. The inclusion
of recent developments mostly enriches the classical design concepts in
Chapters 3–7, 10, and 11. It also enables the reader to update his or her
knowledge of new modeling concepts applicable to foundation design. Most
recently developed in situ testing methods discussed in detail in Chapter 2
certainly familiarize the reader with state-of-the-art techniques adopted in
site testing. In addition, modern ground stabilization techniques introduced in
Chapter 12 by an experienced senior engineer in Hayward-Baker Inc., a leading
authority in site improvement work across North America, provides the reader
with the knowledge of effective site improvement techniques that are essential
for foundation design. Innovative and widely used methods of testing pile
foundations are introduced with numerical illustrations in Chapters 2 and 7.
LRFD designs in Chapters 3 and 6 and the design of retaining structures with
geogrids included in Chapter 10 are unique features of this foundation
engineering handbook. For the benefit of the reader, the basic and advanced
soil mechanics concepts needed in foundation design are elaborated with several
numerical examples in Chapter 1.
1.         Review
of Soil Mechanics Concepts and Analytical Techniques Used in Foundation
2.         In
Situ Soil Testing
3.         Spread
Footings: Analysis and Design
4.         Geotechnical
Design of Combined Spread Footings
5.         Structural
Design of Foundations
6.         Design
of Driven Piles and Pile Groups
7.         Design
of Drilled Shafts
8.         Design
of Laterally Loaded Piles
9.         Construction
Monitoring and Testing Methods of Driven Piles
10.       Retaining
Walls: Analysis and Design
11.       Stability
Analysis and Design of Slopes
12.       Methods
of Soft Ground Improvement
13.       Impact
of Groundwater on the Design of Earthen Structures
* Above mentioned topics are main topics of this book
and there are many sub-topics under those. Please refer the Preview
below for detailed contents *
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