Strength of Materials and Structures Book (PDF) by John Case, Lord Chilver, Carl T.F. Ross – Free Download


of Materials and Structures written by John Case, Lord Chilver, Carl T.F. Ross
is printed by Arnold Publishers. This new edition is updated by Professor Ross,
and whle it retains much of the basic and traditional work in Case &
Chllver’s Strength of Materials and Structures, it introduces modem numerical
techques, such as matrix and finite element methods. Additionally, because of
the difficulties experienced by many of today’s students with basic traditional
mathematics, the book includes an introductory chapter which covers in some
detail the application of elementary mathematics to some problems involving
simple statics. The book covers most of the requirements for an engineering
undergraduate course on strength of materials and structures. The introductory
chapter presents much of the mathematics required for solving simple problems
in statics.
Chapter 1
provides a simple introduction to direct stresses and discusses some of the features
under the title: Strength of materials and structures.
Chapter 2 is
on pin-jointed frames and shows how to calculate the internal forces in some
simple pin-jointed trusses.
Chapter 3
introduces shearing stresses
Chapter 4
discusses the modes of failure of some structural joints.
Chapter 5 is
on two-dimensional stress and strain systems
Chapter 6 is
on thin walled circular cylindrical and spherical pressure vessels.
Chapter 7
deals with bending moments and shearing forces in beams, which are extended in
Chapters 13 and 14 to include beam deflections.
Chapter 8 is
on geometrical properties.
Chapters 9
and 10 cover direct and shear stresses due to the bending of beams, which are
extended in Chapter 13.
Chapter 11
is on beam theory for beams made from two dissimilar materials.
Chapter 15
introduces the plastic hinge theory
Chapter 16
introduces stresses due to torsion.
Chapter 17
is on energy methods and, among other applications, introduces the plastic
design of rigid-jointed plane frames.
Chapter 18
is on elastic buckling.
Chapter 19
is on flat plate theory
Chapter 20
is on the torsion of non-circular sections.
Chapter 21
is on thick cylinders and spheres.
Chapter 22
introduces matrix algebra
Chapter 23
introduces the matrix displacement
Chapter 24
introduces the finite element method and in Chapter 25 this method is extended
to cover the vibrations of complex structures.
1.         Tension
and compression: direct stresses
2.         Pin-jointed
frames or trusses
3.         Shearing
4.         Joints
and connections
5.         Analysis
of stress and strain
6.         Thin
shells under internal pressure
7.         Bending
moments and shearing forces
8.         Geometrical
properties of cross-sections
9.         Longitudinal
stresses in beams
10.       Shearing
stresses in beams
11.       Beams
of two materials
12.       Bending
stresses and direct stresses combined
13.       Deflections
of beams
14.       Built-in
and continuous beams
15.       Plastic
bending of mild-steel beams
16.       Torsion
of circular shafts and thin-walled tubes
17.       Energy
18.       Buckling
of columns and beams
19.       Lateral
deflections of circular plates
20.       Torsion
of non-circular sections
21.       Thick
circular cylinders, discs and spheres
22.       Introduction
to matrix algebra
23.       Matrix
methods of structural analysis
24.       The
finite element method
25.       Structural
* Above mentioned topics are main topics of this book
and there are many sub-topics under those. Please refer the Preview
below for detailed contents *
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