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The book
“Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering” deals with the fundamental
and general aspects of irrigation and water resources engineering and includes
recent developments in hydraulic engineering related to irrigation and water
resources engineering. Significant inclusions in the book are a chapter on
management (including operation, maintenance, and evaluation) of canal
irrigation in India, detailed environmental aspects for water resource
projects, a note on interlinking of rivers in India, and design problems of
hydraulic structures such as guide bunds, settling basins, etc.
The first
chapter of the book introduces irrigation and deals with the need, development
and environmental aspects of irrigation in India. The second chapter on
hydrology deals with different aspects of surface water resource. Soil-water
relationships have been dealt with in Chapter 3. Aspects related to ground
water resource have been discussed in Chapter 4. Canal irrigation and its
management aspects form the subject matter of Chapters 5 and 6. Behaviour of
alluvial channels and design of stable channels have been included in Chapters
7 and 8, respectively. Concepts of surface and subsurface flows, as applicable
to hydraulic structures, have been introduced in Chapter 9. Different types of
canal structures have been discussed in Chapters 10, 11, and 13. Chapter 12 has
been devoted to rivers and river training methods. After introducing planning
aspects of water resource projects in Chapter 14, embankment dams, gravity dams
and spillways have been dealt with, respectively, in Chapters 15, 16 and 17.
The students would find solved examples
(including design problems) in the text, and unsolved exercises and the list of
references given at the end of each chapter useful.
About the Author:
Dr. G L
Asawa retired as Professor of Civil Engineering at IIT Roorkee. He joined the
Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Roorkee (which was merged
with the IIT system of the country and named as Indian Institute of Technology
Roorkee on September 21, 2001) in 1971 after serving for brief periods at MR
Engineering College (now MNIT), Jaipur and BIT at Mesra in Ranchi during
January 1970 to September 1971. He also served as Principal Water Engineer in
Sokoto (Nigeria) from December 1981 to June 1984 while on foreign assignment.
Since 1970,
Dr. G L Asawa has been actively associated with the teaching of Hydraulic
Engineering courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and research
and consultancy activities in various aspects of Water Resources Engineering.
He has published about 60 research papers in national as well as foreign
journals and conference proceedings. He has also been investigator or
co-investigator of about a dozen research projects and more than fifty
consultancy projects on problems related to water resources (such as design of
hydraulic structures and river training works, and physical modelling of rivers
and hydraulic structures), estimation of wind forces on cooling towers etc. He
has travelled, at different times, to The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Germany, Denmark, UK, and France for either presenting research papers in
conferences, or delivering invited lectures or under some exchange programmes.
Dr. Asawa is
a member of the Monitoring Committee for ISO/TC 113 works at the national
level. He was leader of the Indian Delegation for ISO/TC 113 meetings in
October 1994.
Dr. Asawa
has Life Fellowships of the Institution of Engineers (India), Indian Society
for Hydraulics, Indian Water Resources Society, and Indian Association of
Hydrologists, and Life Membership of Indian Society for Wind Engineering.
•          Introduction
•          Hydrology
•          Soil-Water
Relations and Irrigation Methods
•          Ground
Water and Wells
•          Canal
•          Management
of Canal Irrigation in India
•          Hydraulics
of Alluvial Channels
•          Design
of Stable Channels
•          Surface
and Subsurface Flow Considerations for Design of Canal Structures
•          Canal
Regulation Structures
•          Cross-Drainage
•          Rivers
and River Training Methods
•          Canal
•          Planning
of Water Resource Projects
•          Embankment
•          Gravity
•          Spillways
* Above mentioned topics are main topics of this book and there are many
sub-topics under those. Please refer the Preview below for detailed contents *
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