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This volume
covers the technologies that are applied to the treatment and purification of
water. Those who are generally familiar with this field will immediately
embrace the subject as a treatise on solid-liquid separations. However, the
subject is much broader, in that the technologies discussed are not just
restricted to pollution control hardware that rely only upon physical methods
of treating and purifying wastewaters. The book attempts to provide as wide a
coverage as possible those technologies applicable to both water (e.g.,
drinking water) and wastewater (i.e., industrial and municipal) sources. The
methods and technologies discussed are a combination of physical, chemical and
thermal techniques. There are twelve chapters. The first of these provides an
orientation of terms and concepts, along with reasons why water treatment
practices are needed. This chapter also sets the stage for the balance of the
book by providing an organizational structure to the subjects discussed. The
second chapter covers the AB-Cs of filtration theory and practices, which is
one of the fundamental unit operations addressed in several chapters of the
book. Chapter 3 begins to discuss the chemistry of wastewater and focuses in on
the use of chemical additives that assist in physical separation processes for
suspended solids. Chapters 4 through 7 cover technology-specific filtration
practices. There is a wide range of hardware options covered in these three
chapters, with applications to both municipal and industrial sides of the
equation. Chapter 8 covers the subjects of sedimentation, clarification
flotation, and coalescence, and gets us back into some of the chemistry issues
that are important achieving high quality water. Chapter 9 covers membrane
separation technologies which are applied to the purification of drinking
Chapter 10
covers two very important water purification technologies that have found
applications not only in drinking water supply and beverage industry
applications, but in groundwater remediation applications. These technologies
are ion exchange and carbon adsorption. Chapter 11 covers chemical and
non-chemical water sterilization technologies, which are critical to providing
high quality drinking water. The last chapter focuses on the solid waste of
wastewater treatment – sludge. This chapter looks not only at physico-chemical
and thermal methods of sludge dewatering, but we explore what can be done with
these wastes and their impact on the overall costs that are associated with a
water treatment plant operation. Sludge, like water, can be conditioned and
sterilized, thereby transforming it from a costly waste, requiring disposal, to
a useful byproduct that can enter into secondary markets. Particular emphasis
is given to pollution prevention technologies that are not only more
environmentally friendly than conventional waste disposal practices, but more
cost effective – Preface by the author.
1.         An Overview of Water and Wastewater Treatment
2.         What Filtration Is All About
3.         Chemical Additives that Enhance Filtration
4.         Selecting the Right Filter Media
5.         What Pressure- and Cake-Filtration Are All About
6.         Cartridge and Other Filters Worth Mentioning
7.         What Sand Filtration is All About
8.         Sedimentation, Clarification, Flotation, and Coalescence
9.         Membrane Separation Technologies
10.       Ion Exchange and Carbon Adsorption
11.       Water Sterilization Technologies
12.       Treating the Sludge
* Above mentioned topics are main topics of this book
and there are many sub-topics under those. Please refer the Preview
below for detailed contents *
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