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This book
serves as a basic text for under graduate and post graduate civil engineering
students during the course of irrigation and water resources engineering. Most
of the topics under the syllabus of irrigation and water resources engineering
of undergraduate and postgraduate students will be covered in this book,
written in a very student friendly language with well illustrated figures and
examples. Also very useful as reference to present civil engineers.
Water is vital to life and development in all
parts of the world. In Third World countries where the agricultural sector
plays a key role in their economic growth the management of Water resources is
an initiate of high priority in their developmental activities. The basic input
in the calculation of Water resources are from hydrological parameters and the
subject of hydrology forms the core in the valuation and development of Water
resources. In the civil engineering curriculum, this subject occupies an
important position.
During my long teaching experience, I have
felt a strong need for a textbook oriented to the Indian environmental and
written in a simple and lucid style. This present book is a response to the
same. This book is intended to serve as a text for a first course in engineering
hydrology at the undergraduate level in the civil engineering discipline.
Students specializing in various aspects of Water resources engineering  such as Agricultural Engineering and Water
Power engineering will find this book useful. This book also serve as a source
of useful industrialization to professional engineers working in the area of
water resources evaluation and development.
Engineering hydrology encompasses a wide
spectrum of topics and a book like the present one meant for the first course
must necessarily maintain a balance in the blend of topics. The subject matter
has been developed in a logical and coherent planner and covers the prescribed
syllabi of various Indian universities. The mathematical part is kept to the
minimum and emphasis placed on the applicability lo field situations reluctant
to Indian conditions. SI units are used throughout the book.
Hydrology means the science of water. It is
the science that deals with the occurrence circulation and distribution of
water if the earth atmosphere. As a branch of earth sciences, it is concerned
with the water in stand and lakes, rainfall, and snowfall on the land and water
occurring below eye earth’s surface in the pores of soil and rocks. In a
general sense hydrology is a very broad subject if an inter disciplinary nature
drawing support from allied sciences such as meteorology geology statistics
chemistry physics and fluid mechanics.
Hydrology is basically an applied science. To
further emphasise the degree of applicability the subject is classified as
1. Scientific hydrology – the study which is
concerned chiefly with academic aspects.
2. Engineering or applied hydrology – a study
concerned with engineering applications.
In a general sense engineering hydrology
deals with i. estimation of water resources ii. the study of processes such as
precipitation, runoff, evaporation, transpiration, and their interaction iii.
the study of problems such as floods droughts and strategies to combat them.
This book is an elementary treatment of
engineering hydrology with descriptions that aid a qualitative appreciation and
techniques which enable a quantitative evaluation of the hydrologic processes
retreat are if importance to a civil engineer.
4.         STREAMFLOW
5.         RUNOFF
6.         HYDROGRAPHS
7.         FLOODS
8.         FLOOD
9.         GROUNDWATER
10.       EROSION
* Above mentioned topics are main topics of this book and there are many
sub-topics under those. Please refer the Preview below for detailed contents *
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