PH6152 Engineering Physics – II ,Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions & PH6152 Engineering Physics – II Anna University Question Papers Collection

PH6152 Engineering Physics – II

Semester : 02
Department : Civil
Year : First Year (I Year)
Regulation : 2013
Subject Code/Name : PH6152 Engineering Physics – II
Content : Question Banks, Books, Lecture Notes, Important Part A 2 Marks Questions and Important Part B 16 Mark Questions 
PH6251 ENGINEERING PHYSICS – II                                   
UNIT I CONDUCTING MATERIALS                                                                                     
Conductors – classical free electron theory of metals – Electrical and thermal conductivity – Wiedemann – Franz law – Lorentz number – Draw backs of classical theory – Quantum theory – Fermi distribution function – Effect of temperature on Fermi Function – Density of energy states – carrier concentration in metals. 

UNIT II  SEMICONDUCTING MATERIALS                                                                            
  Intrinsic semiconductor – carrier concentration derivation – Fermi level – Variation of Fermi level with temperature – electrical conductivity – band gap determination – compound semiconductors -direct and indirect band gap- derivation of carrier concentration in n-type and p-type semiconductor – variation of Fermi level with temperature and impurity concentration –– Hall effect –Determination of Hall coefficient – Applications. 

UNIT III   MAGNETIC AND SUPERCONDUCTING MATERIALS                                         
Origin of magnetic moment – Bohr magneton – comparison of Dia, Para and  Ferro magnetism – Domain theory – Hysteresis – soft and hard magnetic materials – antiferromagnetic materials – Ferrites and its applications  
Superconductivity: properties – Type I and Type II superconductors – BCS theory of superconductivity(Qualitative) – High Tc superconductors – Applications of superconductors –
SQUID, cryotron, magnetic levitation. 

UNIT IV  DIELECTRIC  MATERIALS                                                                                     
  Electrical susceptibility – dielectric constant – electronic, ionic, orientational and space charge polarization – frequency and temperature dependence of polarisation – internal field – Claussius – Mosotti relation (derivation) – dielectric loss – dielectric breakdown – uses of dielectric materials (capacitor and transformer) – ferroelectricity and applications. 

UNIT V      ADVANCED   ENGINEERING MATERIALS                                                            
  Metallic glasses: preparation, properties and applications. Shape memory alloys (SMA): Characteristics, properties of NiTi alloy,  application, Nanomaterials– Preparation -pulsed laser deposition – chemical vapour deposition – Applications – NLO materials –Birefringence- optical Kerr effect – Classification of Biomaterials and its application.

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Lecture Notes 

PH6152 Engineering Physics – II Lecture Notes

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Part A – 2 Marks

PH6152 Engineering Physics – II unit wise 2 marks with Answers
Part B – 16 Marks  

PH6152 Engineering Physics – II
 unit wise 16 marks with Answers

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Question Papers

PH6152 Engineering Physics – II

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Question Banks

PH6152 Engineering Physics – II Question Bank 

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