GE6757 Total Quality Management (TQM) Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions & GE6757 Total Quality Management Anna University Question Papers Collection

GE6757 Total Quality Management (TQM)

Department of Civil Engineering
(Regulation 2008 & 2013)
Semester : 08
Department : Civil
Year : Fourth Year (III Year)
Regulation : 2013
Subject Code/Name : GE6757 Total Quality Management
Content : Question Banks, Books, Lecture Notes, Important Part A 2 Marks Questions and Important Part B 16 Mark Questions 
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Lecture Notes 

GE6757 Total Quality Management Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Notes Collection 1 – DOWNLOAD
    Part A – 2 Marks
    GE6757 Total Quality Managementunit wise 2 marks with Answers
    • UNIT 1 to UNIT 5 – 2MARKS – DOWNLOAD

      Part B – 16 Marks  

      GE6757 Total Quality Management unit wise 16 marks with answers
      • UNIT 1 to UNIT 5 – 16MARKS – DOWNLOAD

      Question Banks
      CE6601 Design of  Reinforced Concrete & Brick Masonry Structures  Question Bank 

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