CE6602 Structural Analysis II (SA – II) ,Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions & CE6602 Structural Analysis II Anna University Question Papers Collection

CE6602 Structural Analysis II (SA – II) 

Department of Civil Engineering
(Regulation 2008 & 2013)
Semester : 06
Department : Civil
Year : Third Year (III Year)
Regulation : 2013
Subject Code/Name : CE6602 Structural Analysis II (SA – II)
Content : Question Banks, Books, Lecture Notes, Important Part A 2 Marks Questions and Important Part B 16 Mark Questions 

CE6602     STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS  II                                              
UNIT I  FLEXIBILITY METHOD                                                                         
Equilibrium and compatibility – Determinate vs Indeterminate structures – Indeterminacy – Primary structure – Compatibility conditions – Analysis of indeterminate pin-jointed plane frames, continuous beams, rigid jointed plane frames (with redundancy restricted to two).
UNIT II  STIFFNESS MATRIX METHOD                            
Element and global stiffness matrices – Analysis of continuous beams – Co-ordinate transformations – Rotation matrix – Transformations of stiffness matrices, load vectors and displacements vectors – Analysis of pin-jointed plane frames and rigid frames (with redundancy limited to two)
UNIT III FINITE ELEMENT METHOD                             
Introduction – Discretisation of a structure – Displacement functions – Truss element – Beam element – Plane stress and plane strain – Triangular elements 
UNIT IV PLASTIC ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURES                            
Statically indeterminate axial problems – Beams in pure bending – Plastic moment of resistance – Plastic modulus – Shape factor – Load factor – Plastic hinge and mechanism – Plastic analysis of indeterminate beams and frames – Upper and lower bound theorems 
UNIT V SPACE AND CABLE STRUCTURES                                       
Analysis of Space trusses using method of tension coefficients – Beams curved in plan Suspension cables – suspension bridges with two and three hinged stiffening girders.
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Lecture Notes 
CE6602 Structural Analysis II (SA – II) Lecture Notes

    Part A – 2 Marks

    Structural Analysis II (SA – II) unit wise 2 marks with Answers
    • UNIT 1 to UNIT 5 – 2MARKS – DOWNLOAD

      Part B – 16 Marks  

      CE6602 Structural Analysis II (SA – II) unit wise 16 marks with answers 

      Question Banks

      CE6602 Structural Analysis II (SA – II)  Question Bank 

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