CE6405 Soil Mechanics (SM) ,Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions

CE6405 Soil Mechanics Books Lecture Notes Syllabus Part A 2 marks with answers CE6405 Soil Mechanics Important Part B 16 marks Questions, PDF Books, Question Bank with answers Key, & Anna University CE6405 Soil Mechanics Question Papers Collection.

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CE6405 Soil Mechanics 

Semester : 04
Department : Civil
Year : Second Year (II Year)
Regulation : 2013
Subject Code / Name : CE6405 Soil Mechanics
Content : Question Banks, Books, Lecture Notes, Important Part A 2 Marks Questions and Important Part B 16 Mark Questions
                                                  CE6405 SOIL MECHANICS                                                     
UNIT I SOIL CLASSIFICATION AND COMPACTION                                                         
Nature of soil – phase relationships – Soil description and classification for engineering purposes, their significance – Index properties of soils – BIS Classification system – Soil compaction – Theory, comparison of laboratory and field compaction methods – Factors influencing compaction behaviour of soils.
UNIT II SOIL WATER AND WATER FLOW                                                                        
 Soil water – static pressure in water – Effective stress concepts in soils – capillary stress – Permeability measurement in the laboratory and field pumping in pumping out tests – factors influencing permeability of soils – Seepage – introduction to flow nets – Simple problems. (sheet pile and weir).
UNIT III STRESS DISTRIBUTION AND SETTLEMENT                                                       
Stress distribution – soil media – Boussinesq theory – Use of Newmarks influence chart – Components of settlement –– immediate and consolidation settlement – Terzaghi‟s onedimensional consolidation theory – computation of rate of settlement. – √t and log t methods– e-log p relationship – Factors influencing compression behaviour of soils.
UNIT IV  SHEAR STRENGTH                                                                                                  
Shear strength of cohesive and cohesionless soils – Mohr – Coulomb failure theory – Measurement of shear strength, direct shear – Triaxial compression, UCC and Vane shear tests – Pore pressure parameters – cyclic mobility – Liquefaction.
UNIT V SLOPE STABILITY                                                                                                   
Slope failure mechanisms – Types – infinite slopes – finite slopes – Total stress analysis for saturated clay – Fellenius method – Friction circle method – Use of stability number – slope protection measures.

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CE6405 Soil Mechanics Books Question banks Lecture Notes Syllabus CE6405 Soil Mechanics Part A 2 marks with answers Part B 16 marks Questions with answers & Anna University CE6405 Soil Mechanics Question Papers Collection.

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Lecture Notes 
CE6405 Soil Mechanics Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Notes Collections 1 – DOWNLOAD  
Part A – 2 Marks
CE6405 Soil Mechanics unit wise 2 marks with Answers
  • UNIT 1 to UNIT 5 – 2MARKS – ( its in 16marks see below )
Part B – 16 Marks  


CE6405 Soil Mechanics unit wise 16 marks with answers


Question Banks
CE6405 Soil Mechanics Question Bank

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